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Posted on Nov 17, 2014
Have you been thinking of a career and have decided that nursing might just be the thing for you? Would you prefer not working at a single hospital all the time? Would you like to get away from the same routine and work around the country? How about becoming a travel nurse? If you aren’t really sure what a travel nurse is, or what are the requirements to become one, this blog will provide you with all the information you need. Read on to find out more. Qualification and Certification... Full Article»

Posted on Jul 15, 2014
Human anatomy and physiology is a broad subject with over five thousand terms to describe the microscopic and macroscopic functions of the human body, and if you are a nursing student, memorizing these terms is not an easy task to do. For the layperson, being able to point or describe where the ten main organs are located in the human body may feel like a great achievement. However, for a student of anatomy being able to recite each organ, vessel, muscle, and the 206 bones in the human body a... Full Article»

Posted on Jul 03, 2014
Are you thinking of choosing nursing as your profession but are not sure whether it is the right career choice for you? Then you are not the only one. Due to the requirements and challenges in this field, a number of people wonder if they will be able to make it through the end. If you want to avoid this moment of self-doubt and are confused about choosing nursing as your profession, then asking yourself the following questions mi... Full Article»