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What You Need to Become a Travel Nurse

Have you been thinking of a career and have decided that nursing might just be the thing for you? Would you prefer not working at a single hospital all the time? Would you like to get away from the same routine and work around the country? How about becoming a travel nurse? If you aren’t really sure what a travel nurse is, or what are the requirements to become one, this blog will provide you with all the information you need. Read on to find out more.

Qualification and Certification

To become a travel nurse, you will not only need to be a registered nurse, but also need to have passed the national licensing exam in order to obtain a nursing license. To get your RN education you have three options; a two year Associate’s degree, a four year bachelor’s degree in nursing, or join a hospital-based school for four years. They are all valid in giving you the knowledge and skills to become an RN. Many people start with a 2 year degree and begin working and later complete an additional 2 years to obtain their Bachelor’s degree.  Although you do not necessarily need to get a Master’s degree, obtaining on may mean an increase in your knowledge, worth and credibility.

Once you have completed your education in nursing and passed your N-CLEX exam or national licensing exam, you can choose some kind of specialization, like surgery, cardiac care, pediatrics care etc.

Other than the N-CLEX certification exam for nursing license, you will also need a multistate licensure. Known as the Nurse Licensure Compact, this RN certification allows nurses to not simply be restricted to their own state, but travel around the whole country. Remember, the license will only be valid in states who have accepted the compact.

Skills and Qualities

When looking for travel nurses, agencies generally require that the nurse have a one year experience in their specialty. A travel nurse basically stays in one particular area for three months or less.

As far as education, licensure, and experience are concerned, that’s it. You might be thinking whether or not you are the right person for the job of a travel nurse. Some qualities that a travel nurse must have include:  

Communication skills: You need to have excellent communication skills if you want to succeed as a travel nurse. You will not only be required to understand the medical needs of the patients, but also their social needs, culture and customs. When you travel from one city to the other, you will have to adjust and mold yourself according to the customs you come across.

Detail Oriented: Another quality that a travel nurse needs to have is the ability to work with detail and be able to analyze and resolve any kind of medical situation.

Love for Travel: If you are not into picking up and moving on in less than 3 months, then the job of a travel nurse is not for you. You must have a love for traveling from city to city and learning about the various customs of different places.

Now that you know what needs to be done in order to become a travel nurse, do you think this is the career for you? Best of luck!